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You are now one step closer to being proud of the car you drive


Exterior Services offered:

  • Wash/clay/protection - remove dirt, grime, paint contamination, and seal surface with a variety of products ranging in protection level

  • Paint correction - Remove years of damage to your paint with a single detail! Either a one or two step procedure will restore the mirror like finish to your paint

  • Scuff and scratch removal - Through careful compounding and wet sanding we can make paint transfer, scratches, bird etching, and other unsightly marks disappear.

  • Headlight restoration - A multi step sanding process that can restore clarity to severely yellowed and faded headlights

  • Trim restoration - Long lasting treatments keep your plastics looking like the day they left the factory

  • Ceramic Coatings - Durable, long lasting, and extremely glossy. Coatings are the latest and greatest in the detailing world.


Interior Services Offered:

  • Steam cleaning - The power of steam aids in the cleaning process by getting into hard to reach places, killing bacteria, and lifting stains from carpets

  • Leather conditioning - Restore the supple and luscious feeling of your leather by having it treated with mink oil

  • Hot water extraction - Removes years of stains from carpets and floor mats

engine clean.jpg

Miscellaneous Services Offered

  • Engine pressure washing - Restore your engine to new! Removes oil and coolant residue all while being conditioned with a water based coating

  • Emblem removal - Be different! We can remove emblems and restore the surface underneath the adhesive

  • Metal polishing - Have a vintage car? This is the service for you!